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Image by Clay Banks

Therapy for Relationships

I work with relationships of all kinds, including struggles pertaining to:

  • Communication issues

  • Conflict resolution

  • Relationship transitions

  • Building intimacy

  • Sex 

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding - and also the most challenging - aspects of our lives. I believe that relationships are at the root of all suffering and all healing. When we feel disconnected from those around us, we experience anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. But when we are fully seen and connected with others, we can feel most alive and at home.

Ideally, our adult relationships serve as a safe place to heal early wounds, experience a secure attachment, and flourish as connected individuals. However, our society does not teach us how to show up for each other with vulnerability while also maintaining our own identities. Instead, we often play out these old stories with our loved ones, creating a relationship filled with resentment, jealousy, disconnection, or infidelity. 

I work with couples to help improve their communication, build trust, and navigate life changes. I help couples develop practical skills to work together as a team while using an emotion-focused lens to build a deeper connection and show up as our full selves. I welcome all relationship structures including LGBTQIA+, blended families, and premarital couples. 


I can help siblings, parents and adult children, co-parents, and other family members change long-standing patterns and build healthier relationships where each individuals’ boundaries and needs are respected. I leave space for each family’s unique culture, while exploring the impacts of intergenerational trauma, identity issues, and the pressures of changing family dynamics. 

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